eCareWiz: Panasonic Boosts Sales & Service

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Project Introduction

In the rapidly evolving digital era, Panasonic, a brand renowned for its legacy in the electronics sector, faced the challenge of enhancing its post-sales customer experience in the Indian market. Recognizing the untapped potential in digital transformation, Panasonic embarked on a journey to revolutionize its post-sales services, aiming to elevate customer satisfaction and unlock new revenue streams. This case study delves into the strategic initiative undertaken by Panasonic to develop the eCareWiz platform, a post-sales e-commerce solution designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers in a digitally advanced landscape.




The primary objective of the eCareWiz project was to transform Panasonic’s post-sales service experience by leveraging digital technologies. The goals were:

  • 01/
    Enhanced Customer Experience

    To provide a seamless and intuitive post-sales experience, encompassing services such as Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) and support services.

  • 02/
    Revenue Generation

    To unlock new revenue streams through the e-commerce platform by integrating upselling and cross-selling functionalities.

  • 03/
    Operational Efficiency

    To optimize post-sales operational processes, reducing the load on customer service and improving overall service delivery.

  • 04/
    Data Integration and Security

    To seamlessly migrate and integrate existing customer data into the new platform while ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy.

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    Scalability and Flexibility

    To develop a solution that is scalable, accommodating Panasonic’s growing customer base and expanding product range.



Technical Complexity

Integrating e-commerce functionalities specifically tailored for post-sales services required a robust and flexible back-end architecture.


User Experience Design

Creating an interface that caters to a diverse customer base with varying digital literacy levels, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.


Data Migration and Integration

Migrating existing customer data to the new platform without disrupting ongoing services and maintaining data integrity.



Ensuring the platform could scale effectively to support an increasing number of users and a broader range of products.



Implementing advanced security measures to protect sensitive customer data and transactional information.


Cost Effectiveness

Balancing the development and operational costs to ensure a favorable return on investment, particularly in generating new revenue streams.


Building User Trust through Transparent Processes and Secure Architecture

For Panasonic's eCareWiz platform, establishing user trust was paramount. The platform was meticulously designed to offer a transparent, step-by-step user journey, educating customers at each interaction. To protect sensitive user data, a secure, multi-layered architecture was implemented, incorporating end-to-end encryption and robust firewall mechanisms, ensuring data security and privacy.

Digital Trust Badges and Certifications

To further reinforce user confidence, the eCareWiz platform was equipped with digital trust badges and certifications, including compliance with ISO 27001 for Information Security Management. This highlighted the platform's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Integrated E-commerce and Service Management Engine

The core of the platform was its sophisticated e-commerce and service management engine. This engine was built using PHP CodeIgniter for backend operations, ensuring a clean and scalable codebase, and MySQL for database management, optimized for rapid data retrieval and security. Magento was customized for e-commerce functionalities, specifically tailored for post-sales services like AMCs and support.

Real-Time Data Analytics

The platform's effectiveness was enhanced by real-time data analytics. This system continuously analyzed customer behavior, service usage, and e-commerce trends, allowing for dynamic updates and personalization of services and product recommendations.

Comprehensive Legal Compliance Framework

Given the nature of transactional and customer data, the platform incorporated a comprehensive legal compliance framework. This framework ensured adherence to all relevant regulations and guidelines, particularly those concerning e-commerce and data protection.

Automated Compliance Checks

Automated compliance checks were integrated within the user workflow. This feature was crucial for verifying transactional data and ensuring all interactions and transactions were legally compliant, including real-time verification of documents and compliance reporting.

Scalable and Robust Technological Framework

The platform was built on a microservices architecture, allowing for modular development and scalability. This approach enabled rapid adaptation to changing business needs and user demands without disrupting overall system functionality.

Containerization for Seamless Deployment

Each microservice was containerized, facilitating efficient deployment and scaling. This ensured that the platform could handle increasing loads and functionalities with minimal downtime.

Business Process Management Suite

A comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) suite formed the backbone of the platform, managing the lifecycle of customer interactions, e-commerce transactions, and service delivery. This suite provided a unified dashboard for managing all post-sales activities.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

The BPM suite was complemented by a real-time reporting and analytics module. This module provided insights into operational efficiency, customer engagement, and financial metrics, using various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analytics dashboards


Results & Impact

The Panasonic eCareWiz platform has achieved significant success since its launch, marking a new era in digital post-sales services and customer engagement. The platform's performance is highlighted by several key performance indicators:


User Engagement

The eCareWiz platform experienced a substantial increase in user interactions and service usage, indicating growing trust and acceptance among Panasonic's customers. This surge in engagement reflects the effectiveness of the platform's user-friendly design and comprehensive service offerings.


Operational Efficiency

The automation of key processes within the platform, including customer service inquiries and transaction processing, led to a 25% reduction in operational costs. This efficiency gain is a testament to the streamlined workflows enabled by the platform.


Security and Compliance

The platform maintained a record of zero breaches or regulatory violations, underscoring the robustness of the security measures and compliance checks implemented. This achievement instilled greater trust among users regarding the safety of their data.


Revenue Generation

The integration of upselling and cross-selling features within the e-commerce platform contributed to a 25% increase in average order value. This demonstrates the platform's effectiveness in generating new revenue streams for Panasonic.


User Satisfaction

The platform received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, reflected in high satisfaction scores and positive testimonials. Users particularly praised the ease of use, seamless integration between the e-commerce platform and mobile app, and the comprehensive range of post-sales services offered.


Cost Savings

The automation and streamlining of post-sales services resulted in a 30% reduction in operational costs, highlighting the cost-effectiveness of the platform.


AMC Subscriptions

There was a 20% uptick in Annual Maintenance Contract subscriptions within the first quarter of the platform's launch, indicating a positive response from customers towards the new digital service offerings.


Quick Access and Efficiency

The well-designed UI/UX reduced the average time users spent finding information by 50%, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Project Summary

The Panasonic eCareWiz platform has had a transformative impact on the brand's post-sales service delivery and customer engagement in India. By addressing the challenges of technical complexity, user experience, data integration, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness, the platform not only met its objectives but exceeded them in many respects. It stands as a testament to the power of digital transformation in enhancing user experience, operational efficiency, and business growth. The eCareWiz platform serves as a blueprint for how technology can be leveraged to create value, solve complex challenges, and make a meaningful impact in the post-sales service sector.

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