Digital Transformation - The New Era for Business Simplification


Advanced technologies powered by the internet and software are available today for every business to find a better mode of operation. However, most businesses tend to miss out on taking full advantage of digital transformation and try to ignore its importance. Let’s see why? Firstly, traditional and well-tested patterns of working, although might require manual effort more than digitally powered companies, trigger businesses to stick to the existing patterns. Secondly, lack of knowledge of the success of digital transformation all over the world, and how it can be easily implemented to power your businesses is another factor. 


The Numbers Worldwide

Globally a massive USD 284.38 billion is invested in digital transformation procedures, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.5% per year. North America has the highest number of companies in this study as released by Grand View Research Inc. Health care alone will see growth at the rate of 19.5% per year. The US and the Asia Pacific will see the maximum deployment of digital resources in the coming years. Therefore, if you are still thinking of sticking to old norms, take a break and say hello to the new normal. Here is an introduction to how to digitally empower your company from digital transformation experts.



Areas to Focus

There are different segments of a business and your focus must be to concentrate on the most important aspects of business success first. Begin with customer experience, then operational processes, your business model, the business ecosystem, and organizational culture. Did you know that 75% of customers have confirmed that they like the service more if they are addressed by their first names and if their specific requirements are met in a customized manner? Digital transformation company has to help businesses like yours understand and leverage every aspect of business processing that can be digitally modified and redefined to be able to obtain the best customer experience. 


Main Technologies to Use

There are several advanced technologies available today. These are mainly in the lines of Social Media, Cloud Computing, Remote Access and Mobility, Big Data Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Each heading has a dedicated industry underneath it today. For example, AI can suggest to you the better version of your product that is available in the market, while Big Data tells you in a matter of clicks the popularity index of each better version you see suggested. Further on, Social Media gives you honest reviews of the trials you might have undertaken and cloud computing and remote access and mobility allow your consumers and employees to stay connected even while on the move. Thus, it is a complete circle that you need to empower the digitalization of your company, according to most digital transformation experts.


Digital Transformation - Additional Accelerators

Additional Accelerators

If the basic grid is ready in your mind, let us not miss out on the other accelerators which further make processes smooth. 

  • Agile Methodology is a technology-driven program that delivers products and services to your customers, just when and how they want it. 
  • Moving on, Identity Centric Security protocols make your consumers feel more secure and give them a sense of ownership that makes them like your product more. 
  • API Management is for seamless integration across apps, platforms, software and service providers and your business website and helps data transfer at lightning speed across all. 
  • DevOps focuses on software development to help the operations of your company. The advantage of using DevOps to drive processes in your company is to be able to create a combination of advanced technologies, automation, and best practices and reach a balanced approach to running operations in your company.  


Things to Avoid

While you start going full-throttle on the transformation of your business into its digital avatar, here are a few misconceptions that have been rampant and must be avoided. 

For example, digital transformation is not just about technology, it is also about advanced skills and trained manpower to run the processes, implement, monitor and gauge them. 

Leaders and senior executives are not the only ones deciding digital drives. Often middle-level officials train the senior management as to the efficacy and implementation of the latest digital procedures. Digital transformation also does not mean better operations. 

Digital transformation gives you a competitive edge in the market, but it is not synonymous with well-established operations within your company unless the necessary rounds of training and hiring have been done. 

Technologies to enable you to become a digitally powered company are different from just digital marketing using massive budgets. 

In the pathway to successful digital transformation, do not expect short term results to be your friend. It goes a long way.  




The Covid-19 impact has changed lifestyles and made every common man a digitally savvy individual. There is a dire need to harp upon the digital new habits of your consumers and get them to experience the digital empowerment of this new normal. So, if you need to give your business that competitive edge, make sure you hire a digital transformation company and bring in the change that your business desperately needs. 


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