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The year 2020 has brought with it a spate of uncertainties with it, social distancing and being one of them. Due to COVID-19 spread businesses and employees globally are working from home. This has led to a demand for video conferencing app development.  

Video conferencing has played a significant role during these times. It ensures people can work without disruption from remote locations. Zoom is available on everyone’s laptop or mobile device. Zoom offers a reliable platform for employees to connect and collaborate over the internet.    

Zoom Meeting is a video conferencing platform owned by Zoom communications. The software allows up to 1000 participants to convene in a session. 

Since the pandemic the demand for video conferencing software has skyrocketed. Businesses are seeing this as an opportunity to capitalize on the demand and are striving to develop apps like Zoom. But what does it take to build the best video conferencing app on the lines of Zoom? This blog dives deep into that topic.

Why is Video Conferencing App Development a Billion Dollar Idea? 

Although video conferencing apps are not an invention of 2020, the pandemic sure brought them into the limelight. Some reasons for businesses to invest in building video conferencing apps today are:

Video Conference App for Businesses


Video Conferencing Market Value will soar to great heights 

Global Market Insights’ study says that video conferencing app market value will cross $50 billion by the year 2026. With the inability to have usual social interaction in the year 2020, the popularity of video conferencing apps has escalated. Businesses want thier ventures to be profitable. An investment in video conferencing  app development will enable them to flourish in this new market.


Scope for the competition to Flourish in the market 

Due to the ever-increasing demand for video conferencing apps, there is a place for several players in the market. Meetings, online classes and all kind of virtual get togethers are all possible thanks to video conferencing apps. According to the studies, the education sector alone shares a bit more than 10% of the total virtual conferencing market share. With such versatile functionality, there is plenty of room and scope for the competition to enter the video chat app industry, thrive and flourish. 

The popularity of video conferencing has skyrocketed since the pandemic 

The Covid-19 pandemic confined the world to their homes for almost a whole year. People were completely dependent on video communication for working, learning and staying connected with their loved ones during their isolation. A report from Statista states that the download of best video conferencing apps like Zoom spiralled to over 100% in March 2020.   

These are many reasons why your business must invest in the billion-dollar idea of video conferencing  app development. But to succeed and excel in the market, let us explore the fine points of creating a video chat app like Zoom.   

How can Neuronimbus help to create a video chat app like Zoom? 

Reliable & Trained App Development Team

Video conferencing app development ssuch as Zoom demands time, research, persistence and a smart strategy. Here are the basic steps we follow at  Neuronimbus to create one of the best video conferencing apps in the market:

Market Analysis 

Elaborate market analysis and research of the existing virtual-chat apps and their feasibility, before formulating the idea is the key to any video conferencing  app development. Followed by every top app developer. The understanding of your Competitors’ products and their features are crucial to comprehend the acceptability of your product in the market. 

This will help you in identifying the unique features that can make your app different. Based on your unique offering, you can target your app design to suit your niche audience.  

Enticing App Designs 

Once the app idea is in place, the designers create exciting and attractive UI/UX interfaces. The designs are simple yet intuitive taking a cue from Zoom. The colour schemes are always bright, yet subtle. Especially the design features are done while keeping the user-experience in mind. 

Back-end Development 

A robust back-end is the foundation of any software or video conferencing app development The database, web and app server constitute the app’s back-end. The structure of the back-end determines the key functionalities in the application. We ensure a well-designed back-end to enable scalability and superior performance of the application.   

Technology Stack 

If you are looking to build a video chat app for a single platform, you can choose from Kotlin or Java for Android  app development and Swift or Objective-C for iOS  app development

If your goal is to build a cross-platform application, your ideal choice would be React Native or Flutter. We offer support for all platforms.  

Rigorous Testing  

Testing is one of the most crucial steps in our  app development that takes our maximum time and attention. Rigorous and iterative testing can reduce and eliminate errors and bugs. 

Intuitive App Features

What features must your video-conferencing app have? 

User-Profile Management 

Once a user registers on the app, he becomes a unique entity in the application environment. Every user profile must be identifiable through their display names, profile pictures and so on.   

It is crucial to follow some principles while creating a user profile. These include structural streamlining, keeping data private, and avoiding data overloading on the screen with irrelevant information. Users must be able to view and edit their profiles with ease.  

Simple Onboarding 

The users must have a smooth and hassle-free video app onboarding experience. They should have an option to register from the app, either manually or through a social media platform.   

User authorization process must be simple and secure to ensure maximum user retention without them worrying about their account safety.  

Clear video and voice calls 

Often, the most frustrating thing about virtual conferencing apps is the poor voice and video quality. Use the WebRTC technology with the Publisher-Subscriber pattern to set up the video and voice calling in your app.   

Ensure that the users can hear the sound loudly on both sides of the call and the video comes clear.  

End-to-end Message Encryption 

Message encryption throughout the channel from the sender’s device to the receiver’s device is mandatory for any voice chat app. This feature ensures the privacy of virtual messaging and helps your app gain popularity when it comes to security. 

Text and Virtual Messaging 

The app must also allow users to connect through text and virtual messages. This can be achieved using any good third-party tool available.

Screen and File Sharing 

Screen sharing is a very useful feature that must be a part of any good video conferencing app. It is crucial for sharing the content directly from one screen onto the other during official meetings, online classes and games.  

A built-in app feature to send and receive files online securely is a must.


Recording during an online meeting is very useful in scenarios where the user needs to refer to the session content later. The user must be able to safely record the meeting in the Cloud storage or on their local storage.  

Multi-user Conferencing 

A successful video-conferencing app should support multiple users. A multi-user conference is tough to implementbut a significant feature of any video conferencing  app development. A minimum of 10 users must be able to video call at once with the support of back-end and other resources.  

Push Notifications 

Notifications are an essential feature of any modern app and a video conferencing app must be no different. They inform users about new app features, messages, alerts and updates. This boosts the app’s engagement rate immensely

Why choose Neuronimbus 

We at Neuronimbus, have the expertise and technology to develop a state-of-art video-conferencing app replete with all required features. Our video conferencing app development process follows best practices such as intuitive interface designs, cross-platform compatibility, current technology use, customizability and excellent utility. Be the design or the functionality, you can count on Neuronimbus for your video-conferencing app development needs. 

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