Work from home is here to stay

With millions of people all over the world working remotely due to the global pandemic, businesses have realized that work from home is here to stay. They have also recognized the impact of digital transformation in enhancing the remote work experience. Companies have begun to reinvent their online marketing strategy. They have accelerated their digital marketing initiatives to integrate remote work and make themselves adaptable to current as well as new customers.  

Digital Transformation – One of the Primary Growth Strategies 

With brands and audiences spending more time than ever online on various digital platforms, companies are focusing more on their digital operations and innovative ways to interact, connect, and transact with their customers. 

Be it an individual, brand, or a brick and mortar business, the need of the hour is to re-evaluate, rethink, and revamp their online marketing approach. The business fraternity is exploring all the alternative approaches to reach out to customers in the new normal and win their trust without physically contacting them. They are streamlining the buying experience for the customers with minimum or no friction in the services rendered remotely. 

Ways in which companies are revamping their digital presence

With thousands of companies moving their operations online, the key to survival is to adapt quickly and effectively to find your audience online. Here are some of the innovative digital marketing strategies through which companies can thrive and survive the pandemic period:

Here are some of the innovative digital marketing strategies through which companies can thrive and survive the pandemic period:

  1. Create a Streamlined Presence

    It is important to ensure that your business is conveying a similar message on all digital platforms it has a presence in. This feat can be achieved through consistent branding, storytelling, and a persistent brand voice. Have exclusive landing pages for each platform so that your customers can find you easily without wandering too much.
    Clear out all the “junk” existing online about your brand. Claim all auto-generated pages, get rid of old pages, and flag impersonators, if any. This reduces the time your potential customers take to find your website.

  2. Freshen up the Website

    An easy way to breathe fresh life into your digital presence is a revamped website. New visuals, content, logos, and brand colors attract inquisitive visitors. Enhance the user experience by reducing page load times, speed, and allowing them to purchase your products without any unnecessary interaction. The website must have keywords and optimized SEO for the best online visibility.

  3. Continuous Engagement with Current Customers

    It is easy to disappear from your customers’ memory due to a lack of physical interaction during the lockdown. This can be prevented by engaging with the current customer base often for your online business. Email marketing, social media campaigns, newsletters are some of the ways to maintain the trust of your existing customers, win their loyalty, and build a long-lasting relationship.

  4. Make Landing Pages more Social

    Compassion towards the customers is the new buzzword. For brands, the pandemic and slow down is a unique opportunity to devise out-of-the-box solutions and innovative social strategies to show they care. Creating easy channels for communication online with customers and lending a helping ear to their issues can be a big step forward in building strong brand loyalty.

  5. Re-Assess Offerings

    A global crisis is bound to bring with it, drastic transformations in market dynamics and consumer behavior. Businesses must constantly monitor brand communications to quickly adapt to fluctuating circumstances. Staying relevant and self-aware of your brand is imperative irrespective of the changing market conditions. Relevancy can be achieved by expanding the brand line, re-evaluating offerings, and making significant alterations in production by introducing new products and services.

  6. Solve Persistent Issues

    This is the time to deep dive into data analytics and solves those nagging issues that have impaired your online marketing from performing well. Investigate what pages of your website perform better than others through metrics such as time spent and bounce rates. Identify the pages with high bounce rates, edit them to provide a clear insight about your mission and purpose to your audience. Clear Call to Action (CTA’s) must be given as a prompt to initiate action. Ensure that your webpages are achieving what they set out to and the visitors are clear on what their next steps are. 
    Social media channels must also be examined to find out what is working in terms of bringing in the most customers and revenue.

    The reasons for the failure of the networks must be analyzed. Could it be due to erratic posting, half-hearted efforts, or a mismatch between your visitor demographic and the social media platform? Create strategies to fix the issues and make the social media account worthwhile for your brand and your business. 

The Final Word…

The bottom line is that there is no easy way around getting yourself heard by your customers, especially in a remote setting. Persistent, streamlined communication with customers, listening to them, and showing empathy are a few of the growth strategies your online business can adopt to take advantage of the new normal and remain ahead of its game.  


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