Digital Transformation: A Pilot Project

In 2020, Digital Transformation continues to gain significance as an essential part of the contemporary workplace. In fact, with technologies such as 5G on the way and enablement of swifter internet speeds across the world, Digital Transformation is turning more rapidly. And the fact that Digital Transformation spending is forecasted to reach trillions of dollars over the coming years makes perfect sense.

Initiating Digital Transformation (DX) is more than merely transitioning files to the cloud and expecting your stakeholders to figure it out. It is the organizational and operational alteration of an organization, through the intelligent integration of digital procedures, technologies, and competencies at diverse levels with a staged approach.

DX uses technologies to generate value for different stakeholders, pioneer, and get hold of the modernized capabilities to adapt to transforming scenarios as well as circumstances seamlessly. So, entering into a digital transformation strategy is more multifaceted than some business leaders, and top management, believe.

The Rate of Failure involved with Digital Transformation Efforts 

As a digital transformation team, even if you do slot into appropriate planning and analysis procedures, there is still no assurance that your DX project will thrive. As it will be shocking for you to know that, the present failure rate of organizational Digital Transformation efforts is around 80 to 85 percent.

Many consider this to over aspiration and erroneous technology selection. Our secret to making sure smoother DX delivery is to pick one unit/department of your business for a digital transformation trial. After this, a complete implementation procedure is carried out with a Pilot Project.

What is a Pilot Project?

A pilot project here deals with picking a business unit or department to participate in a ‘trial’ of your organization’s anticipated solution before a wide-scale implementation can assist you in planning your entire digital transformation strategy.

How to Gain a Superior Insight into your Planned Project?

A pilot project takes on a similar format to a focused group. By interacting with a smaller team of professionals, you can have superior insights into your projected project solution. This scenario enables you to streamline any twist in your project plan before complete-scale implementation.

A pilot project lends a hand to you in a healthier understanding of how the DX will match your particular organizational requirements by viewing the solution realize on a real-time basis, while also offering individual training on the proposed system.

How can you adjust Fatigue on Bigger Project Roll-outs?

The “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) approaches or agile methodologies can be enormously influential in attaining business benefits. However, by enabling small bits of technical functionalities to business stakeholders on a big scale, instead by offering superior functionality to a single involved pilot project group, you can easily adjust fatigue on large-scale project rollouts.

How Implementing a Pilot Project has trimmed down Failure Rates

Pilot projects offer enormous business value, detaching the entire resource deployments, and also ensure that current business dealings are not disturbed. This scenario trims down the involved risks of the project when it is ultimately put-up into complete action. As it is adjusted to meet your varying business needs, and in our own experience, working through pilot projects has showcased to reverse failure rates among the business projects. And we have worked with as well as have enhanced the competence of the better-quality product rollouts.

Who should be involved in the Pilot Group?

Digital Transformation Planning
Digital Transformation Planning

There are numerous considerations before steering a pilot program and selecting a pilot group. Here are some benchmarked criteria that we use when picking a Pilot Group:

  • The digital proficiency and innovative skill-sets of the professionals 

  • There in-progress responsibilities, time and commitment in ongoing projects

  • The pilot project functionalities to be rolled out and the pilot group allowing to test the transformation benefits entirely

  • Do they have the least interaction with other departments as the pilot project scope needs to be enclosed-up to the selected stakeholders

  • Keenness and aptitude to become accustomed to the transformation and change which can be further measured-up in their daily working surroundings

How can you make your Pilot Project and Final DX Implementation Successful?

Efficient project and resource management, continuous tracking, and interactions will be vital to succeed and achieve fruitful outcomes from your pilot project. Here, we have come up with practical recommendations and suggestions to make the complete DX implementation successful. 

  • Determine the business opportunities and operational challenges through the pilot project to drive end to end DX implementation with tangible performance outcomes.

  • Generate the list of benefits, and their possibilities to display the feasibility of the project helping out in obtaining the positive signals for the bigger scale project implementation.

  • Work out a strong interaction and communication plan that showcases the gains that will come up from implementing the transformation.

  • The change management teams and the culture you enable are highly critical at this juncture, not only for the pilot project group, however, also to other stakeholders of the organization who may be positively impacted by this DX project in the upcoming time.

A pilot program and final implementation can only flourish if analytics, reports, and feedbacks are taken-up into consideration to demonstrate crisp quantitative DX project outcomes. 

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Moving Forward

We specialize in offering digital transformation services in Australia, and our skilled teams meet the business needs of our varied client base. Further, we always recommend a ‘Pilot Project’ approach to assist and successfully implement digital transformation projects. Get in contact to explore more about initiating digital transformation through our services.


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