Australian Government Is Pumping Up Its Digital Transformation Regime: Here's how

Digital technology is accelerating at unprecedented rates across the globe. Businesses are investing in cutting edge technologies to stay ahead of competitors. Australia’s success depends upon its ability to harness this technological power that drives economic growth and raises the Australian living standards. The Australian government has made significant progress in its digital journey through a digital transformation since 2013 to become a part of the digital age. 

What constitutes Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation service means improving the quality of services delivered to a business and the general public by implementing data and technology. For any country, it implies leveraging technology to re-design how its government works, how it operates and the overall organizational culture. 

Digital transformation of a business model can help a government to be:

● Well-informed

● Digitally equipped

● Readily deal with their day to day operations.

Australian government’s response to COVID-19

2020 with its unprecedented events such as the pandemic and bushfire crisis has made it even more critical for the government to become easily accessible to the general public. Digital transformation services can help the Australian government provide relevant information and services to the right people at the right time.

Some steps the Australian government took in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis are:

  • Development of the COVID Safe app
  • Creation of the website
  • Digitization of medical prescriptions
  • Cruise ship tracking to help Australians on cruise ships with medical assistance.
  • Mobilization of public servants to make them equipped to deliver their role in the government.
  • Fast processing of claims for economic support and Job-Keeper payments, with most of the employees working from home.

Digital Transformation Strategy of Australian Government

Australian governments’ Digital Transformation Strategy for the years 2019 & 2020, strives to make a positive difference to the government and its stakeholders as citizens, staff, and public servants. 

The strategy aims at making the dealings with the government simple, seamless, and transparent. Through digital transformation services, the key capabilities will become accessible anytime, anywhere and from any mobile device. 

The main objectives of the digital transformation strategy of the Australian government are:

All Services can be Digitally Accessed

The Australian government is working towards making the information & services digitally available to the citizens. Most of the services are already available online, with many more on the way. They are investing in policies, technologies and the infrastructure to create & develop modern digital platforms needed by the government services.

There will be a Seamless Integration of Services.

Interaction with the government by citizens will be made clear & transparent through its digital transformation strategy. Events such as registration of births, deaths, natural disasters or starting a business require timely and effective service delivery. Regular problems are identified and the essential services are streamlined to make the government easily accessible for its citizens.

All Government Services can be accessed through a unique digital identity

To avoid any fraudulent activity, individuals will be able to choose a unique digital identity that they can use to repeatedly access government services online and interact with them securely.

Smart Services that adapt to the shared data can be availed

Data is the key enabler to improve user-experience while dealing with the government. The government collects and analyses plenty of data as a part of their service delivery, and development of policy and services. With digital transformation, this data can become ‘Smart’ and personalized to cater to individual needs and deliver the appropriate services. The privacy of the user is protected by strict data security measures.

Government policy will depend upon the data analytics

Data is a national resource that can benefit Australians through targeted government policies and programs. Data can also be used to analyze and solve problems. Data analytics will be an integral part of digital transformation through which services can be improved to meet specific needs. 

Advanced technologies will enhance decision making, and make it a transparent process

Australian government understands the role of emerging technology in making services more convenient and accessible. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and related fields will enable people to engage with the government, however, and whenever they want. Businesses and educational institutions can leverage technology to take advantage of lucrative opportunities. 

Equip the Australians with the skills required to be digitally capable

To deliver future services optimally, the government understands the need to train the users and make them digitally capable. This process will involve identifying and addressing critical gaps across the government and promoting a culture of supported learning and growth.

Collaborate with small and medium businesses and organizations

Drawing on the diverse skills and modern approach of leading businesses, the government will strive to solve critical problems. Through digital technology, small and medium businesses can take on crucial government projects and academic institutions can gain support for their research activities. All major sectors can work together to develop effective solutions to serve the Australian public. 

Develop and maintain sustainable platforms that can be accessed across government

The focus will be mainly on creating sustainable platforms and capabilities across government by creating, building, and reusing resources. These capabilities will enable interconnected platforms and processes to work well across government sectors. Outside agencies can access data and solutions in flexible and innovative ways to create better value.

Manage costs, risks to deliver value to businesses 

The Government needs to be up to date in its digital capabilities and services. This can be achieved through digital sourcing panels that make it easier for sellers of small and medium businesses to work with the government. Information and Communication capabilities will improve which in turn will enhance service delivery, reduce costs, and manage risks effectively. 

The value of partnerships and engagement between the industries and government will be recognized. The creation of Digital Platform Marketplace can offer support to easy procurement, and scalable, reusable platforms.   

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Australia’s Digital Future

The Australian government’s Digital Transformation agenda identifies what the government must deliver to become the world’s leading digital government. It focuses on ways to deliver reliable, timely, responsive solutions enhanced by digital technology.   

For people and businesses, this offers more flexibility in dealing with the government and easier avenues for expressing their opinions. They can engage in critical issues without red tape and bring value to all parties involved.  


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